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Having a baby in a pandemic sucks, for you and for midwives too.

As you probably know, I also work as a midwife. Being a midwife is my bread and butter, the peas to my corn, the gravy on my potatoes. Usually I love it. This week, not so much.

Why you ask? Because I am wrapped up like a burrito. Like a sweaty, plastic, layered, clean burrito. I do this to keep myself safe in this pandemic; to keep my kids safe when I get home; keep you safe when you come to see me to birth your baby; to ensure that I am the safest possible health care provider. All this weighs on my shoulders every time I answer your call bell. When I attend your birth. When I help you breastfeed. Please be kind to your health care team, we are ALL feeling like burritos.

Yesterday, I saw a person walking without a mask on. I also saw a person with their mask under their nose. And another person with their mask in their hand. I am sorry if you may be find wearing a mask uncomfortable for the hour you are supposed to be out. Try doing this for 8 hours. I am sorry we are in a pandemic, but here we are. Lets keep ourselves and our families safe; wear your mask as it is intended.

BUT on a more positive note, I am loving technology!! Video enables me to continue to provide lactation support and care to families from down the road and across the country. It takes a little getting used to, but I think its the best option I have at the moment to continue doing what I love. My knitted boob is getting a work out, and I look forward to taking my clients and my support on adventures through video chat.

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