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Do I need to prepare for my initial consultation?

I will send you a initial client form via email, this will include questions regarding you and your baby's overall health and wellbeing. Payment details will be included in this email, and once payment is made, your consult time is secured. No other preparation is required! After being a working mum myself, I know that some days are full of pjs and coffee - so please do not clean, dress or wash if you are unable to - you spending your time breastfeeding your baby, skin to skin, and rest is much more important to me!! 

How can I start working with you?

I am open to working with companies or organisations that mirror my professional practices and beliefs. I will only work with breastfeeding friendly companies that meet the guidelines for marketing and the like. See the IBCLE website for details.  

Contact me to chat! 

Do you offer group consultations or workshops?

Group consults or support sessions can be arranged. This would be more like an education session, and can be provided to small groups with open discussions, and concerns raised in a confidential, personal, and respectful way. Contact me to see how I can help! 

Can I claim a Medicare Rebate? 

What follow up will I need? 

After our initial consult,  I will send you a summary of our discussion and plan via email. Some families will need a further consult, this is arranged as required, with pricing reflective of time required. Most clients may need one or two more short sessions to adjust the breastfeeding plan. 

Can I request a discount or payment plan? 

At this time, my consults are NOT eligible for Medicare rebates.

Generally, for midwife consults which include a breastfeeding assessment and plan, up to the 6 weeks after having your baby, there is a Medicare rebate. For breastfeeding support from an IBCLC, there is no rebate available. 

I am happy to discuss discounts and payment plans for your personal financial circumstances. Please be aware I will be invested in your breastfeeding journey, and I appreciate your honesty and vulnerability when discussing this. If you require support but are unable to pay the fees listed, please contact me. 

How do I find out where you are traveling to? 

The main goal of Breastfeeding In The Bush was to bring breastfeeding support to remote and rural areas. This involves travelling with my family to areas that may not be as accessible to this type of support before. We will publish our next planned locations on the website and on social media - and these dates may be approximate. Contact me to discuss your needs, and to secure a date when we arrive! 

Can I request you come visit my location? 

Absolutely!! I am always open to new locations and adventures. However, please be aware that this may not be possible. Video consulting, or email and text support is otherwise available. Or check out LCANZ website in the resources section as you can search for IBCLC's in your location. 

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